This holistic form of therapy gently releases physical blockages

The Dorn-Osteopathie-Therapy (according to S. Hüther) for horses includes a gentle correction of spine and joint blockages, loosening of tense muscles, as well as the compensation of leg length differences and correction in case of hip misalignment. Since this method is highly effective, a single treatment is often sufficient, which should be followed by control treatment after 4-6 weeks.

The blockages are always released in active or passive movement, so the joints can be brought back into their physiological position with little pressure.

The therapy of the horse / dog is always holistic, i.e. all blockages that are recognized are also solved. This is the only way the horse or dog can be in balance after the treatment.

After treatment, it is very likely that the horse or dog will have sore muscles for a few days. The reason is that the muscle groups are stressed differently by the change. The body first has to get used to the new “situation”.
However, the horse or dog should generally make an relaxed impression.

To make it easier for the animals to adapt to the new movements, they should definitely move around or should be worked slightly even in the first days after the treatment.

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