The effect is in the saliva

During the treatment, the leech releases various secretions with its saliva (saliva).

It is believed that between 30 and 100 substances are contained in the saliva. The most important are hirudin, calin, hyaluronidase, eglin, bdellin, collagenase and various histamine-like substances

Leech on the dog  BILD

  • HIRUDIN: inhibits blood coagulation, has an antispasmodic effect, accelerates the lymphatic flow
  • CALIN: Ensures the bleeding and cleansing of the bite wound of the gel and is also
  • HYALURONIDASE: Has a slight antibiotic effect and ensures that the active ingredients can get into the tissue more easily through cell and tissue walls.
  • EGLIN, BDELLIN and KOLLAGENASE: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sometimes also anticoagulant.
  • HISTAMINE-LIKE SUBSTANCES: Vasodilator and circulation-enhancing effect, so the blood can flow faster to the bite site.

All active ingredients that are released during the suction act block the excessive enzymatic processes in inflammation and thus have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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